Internet users across the country say they just want to look at websites, not “be in on the experience or whatever.”
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Something strange has happened this week– people are bothered by the internet.  In a world where we live as a “connected” society to the vast amounts of social media networks and endless interactive applications its almost hard to believe that there are some people that find it a nuisance (only for this week, apparently).  What caught my attention about this article was that “internet users demand less interactivity”. What was even more interesting is that people don’t know how to use the internet to their benefit much less understand that the sites they visit need these social tools to provide a better user experience, a better service, a better product, etc.  In spite of the fact that none of these things are taken into consideration I do recall it to be considerably simple to opt out of social media applications, press the ‘x’ to close a window or simply ignore suggested invitations.  Just because social networks are integrated in most internet sites today doesn’t mean that one has to be committed to every single one, every single time a website is visited.  So, I guess what I don’t understand is why people who are uninterested in social media or interactivity visit the sites that rely on them the most and then complain about it.

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